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The BackRooms S.C.P is an intriguing indie horror game that combines two popular internet urban legends, creating a unique and unsettling experience. Developed by 616 GAMES, this free adventure game takes inspiration from the Backrooms and the SCP Foundation to immerse players in a bizarre and otherworldly dimension.

In The BackRooms S.C.P, you assume the role of an innocent civilian trapped in this eerie dimension, where a monstrous creature that the SCP Foundation has failed to contain roams freely. The game adopts a found-footage format, providing simple details and a variety of gameplay mechanics that align with the SCP lore.

With its fusion of the Backrooms and the SCP Foundation, The BackRooms S.C.P offers a captivating and fun experience. If you enjoy this type of horror game, you might also want to try SCP - Containment Breach or Escape the Backrooms.

The BackRooms S.C.P draws from two distinct internet urban legends. The first one, the Backrooms, is described as a seemingly endless maze of randomly generated spaces that resemble the back rooms of malls or stores, characterized by monochromatic yellow walls. On the other hand, the SCP Foundation is a fictional organization responsible for safeguarding humanity from various threats.

In this game, you find yourself trapped in a segment of the otherworldly dimension, with the objective of finding a way out. However, you must be cautious of SCP-173, a fast-moving creature that can only be immobilized by maintaining constant visual contact. This premise adds a unique challenge to the gameplay, requiring players to stay vigilant and attentive.

Despite its well-executed gameplay mechanics, The BackRooms S.C.P feels more like a demo for a larger game. It offers a relatively short playthrough and only features one of the many SCP creatures available. Additionally, the game fails to fully capture the scale and randomness that define the Backrooms. Nevertheless, it manages to deliver an unexpected twist that leaves a lasting impact.

While The BackRooms S.C.P is a commendable indie project that successfully combines two prominent online urban legends, it would benefit from incorporating more elements from the Backrooms and featuring a wider variety of SCPs. With the same approach and attention to detail, the developers have the potential to expand the game's content without straying from its central premise.

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